brooklyn-based singer and poet, Kira Metcalf, has crafted a sound all her own at the cross section of the unexpected and hauntingly familiar.

As a product of her classical cellist mother and folk guitarist turned psychotherapist father, Kira fuses elements of indie-folk finger picking, jazz-inspired vocal ease, and the grit of true grunge (a la 90s plaid-clad favorites). Kira grew up singing alongside her singer-songwriter older siblings, Josh and Bre, before breaking out to hone her own distinctive sound. Shortly after losing her mother to breast cancer at the age of 13, Kira picked up a guitar for the first time and quickly developed a style that could stand up to her cutting lyrics and equally potent voice. She has musically arranged and co-produced all of her projects to date, including Kissing Daisies, released in 2012 when Kira was a fresh 16. Kira's struggle with anxiety, depression and the perpetual coping that inherently followed the death of her mother, have each deeply influenced her work as an artist. Her lyrics are profoundly poetic, a pure expression of her journey through heartache, loss and self-discovery.  The band is comprised of childhood friends Tim Hutcheson on lead guitar, Dan Sadowski on drums and Gabriel Herter on bass,  with Kimberly Berg bringing Kira’s harmonies to life. Her sophomore album, Indelicate, chronicles what Kira refers to as one of her lowest chapters. The album, premiering November 2 2018 (both online and at Brooklyn’s Elsewhere) is a vivid portrait of love lost and the determination it takes to move through self-doubt.